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Of Micro Inn & Virtual University of Pakistan Programs
Welcome To Micro Inn Technologies
Micro Inn ceo

Micro Inn Technologies, Sheikhupura was established in private sector in 1999 and has been operating as Private Partner of Virtual University of Pakistan since 23 September, 2002 with over 900 students of Master Classes and a couple of hundreds of other disciplines. A new campus of Micro Inn Technologies has been opened at Shahdara Lahore which is adorned with excellent facilities and equipment. The third campus located at 7-College Road Civil Lines, Sheikhupura is authorized Virtual Campus of COMSTATS. The main objective is to impart high quality yet real-life applicable IT and business management education at universally affordable prices. In the face of the challenges posed by the conversion of our world into a global village, it is inevitable that today’s aspiring students and tomorrow’s pioneers are educated in such a way that at the time of their stepping into practical life they are equipped with applicable knowledge of information technology along with successfully tested techniques of business management in order to lead the world.

Legends of Micro Inn Technologies
  • Umar Ayyub Bhatti
    Youngest VU Graduate
    Position :1st
    CGPA: 2.47
  • Faiza Islam Shah
    MBA(3.5 Years)
    Position :1st
    CGPA: 3.44
  • Muhammad Tariq Waseem
    BS (IT)
    Position :2nd
    CGPA: 3.43
  • Latif Ahmad Saqi
    MBA-Executive(2 Years)
    Position :1st
    CGPA: 3.41
  • Ammar Mehboob
    Masters - MBA
    Position :4th
    CGPA: 3.27
  • Nousheen Siddiqui
    Masters - MBA
    Position :5th
    CGPA: 3.24
  • Faizan Faisal Hassan
    Masters - MBA
    Position :6th
    CGPA: 3.21
  • Ghulam Hussain
    MBA (3.5 Years)
    Position :7th
    CGPA: 3.21
  • Sobia Shaheen
    Position :8th
    CGPA: 3.17
  • Tehreem Ahmad
    MBA (3.5 Years)
    Position :9th
    CGPA: 3.12
Our Mission
The mission of Micro Inn Technologies is to excel to the highest level of provision of globally recognized education.
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